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If you enjoy the show, and you’d like to support the show, there are many ways of doing so.

o E-mail me – Send me an e-mail. I love hearing from people and knowing what you think. Suggest an idea for a show, or let me know how you think I’m doing.
o Make a donation – I’m doing this for the fun of it – I don’t have a university or organisation backing me – and as my name suggests, I’m just an ordinary guy learning about the world, just as you are. So any donation, however small, is extremely helpful in terms of paying for bandwidth, hosting, production, and a whole host of other costs. I don’t want to stop doing it because I can’t afford to. Click here to donate
o Continuous improvement – I’m always trying to improve on the show – let me know your thoughts on how I can improve on the show – constructive criticism is always welcome.
o Tell your mates – Link to the website from your own, mention Brains Matter in your blog, your emails, or to your friends. Mention it at school or uni – the more people who listen, the better! It’s all about learning.
o Reviews – Write a review on iTunes or your favourite podcast sites.
o Sponsoring – If you’d like to sponsor the show, or know of someone who would, please get in touch
o Buy stuff – You can buy one of the items listed blow from Amazon, for which I get a small referral fee, and you don’t pay a cent more by buying through the links below.

Anything I haven’t covered? Just drop me a line.

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