Do you or your organisation want to get involved in New Media?

Want to show the community that you support science, critical thinking, and education for the public?

A smart decision you could make would be to sponsor the Brains Matter Podcast. The show is heard in over 120 countries around the world, and listeners of the show are known to be savvy, thoughtful, and proactive.

By sponsoring the Brains Matter Podcast, you are showing your customers and clients that you support education and knowledge, and are supporting an independent, grassroots podcast – not just those from commercial organisations.

There are many examples of podcast listeners following up on previous sponsors. The show continually makes a difference to people – from helping them influence career change decisions based on what they’ve heard on the show, to following up on topics discussed, to the formation of a charity to save the Asian Elephant!

Be part of the movement to make a difference through science, critical thinking, and education, and sponsor the show.

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