Congratulations on your fine product
Chris Smith – Naked Scientists Podcast & the Nature Podcast, England – August 2006

I like this podcast very much. Succinct and informative. Check it out!
Diego Barros – Australia October 2006

These podcasts are really entertaining and well put together.
Dennis – Australia November 2006

Love your work, brains matter. i look forward to continued interesting topics!
Donnasan – Melbourne, Australia – December, 2006

I really enjoy this podcast. It is very informative and interesting. I highly recommend it to all of the enquiring minds who just want to know about everything.
DEA – Canada

Fantastic a great listen, keep it up
Shane – Perth, Australia – January 2007

Thanks for your podcast. I listen weekly as a way to stay in touch with the fast-changing world of science as well as to update my general science knowledge.
Being 50 years old, I have been out of school for quite awhile, but have worked in a technical field. I have recently retired from the commercial world and am involved in K-12 education, focusing on science, math and technology. Also, my son is studying engineering and genetics so I read and listen to many offerings. Brains Matter is on the list. Keep up the good work!
Mike Gelhausen – USA April 2007

OG I have to say that I enjoy the topics you cover and the interesting and intelligent dialogue you have with guests. Quality programs as yours are few and far between. Looking forward to many more episodes
Steve Parfitt – Adelaide, South Australia April 2007

I came across your show by accident in iTunes. I like the format and casual nature of it. However, at the same time, it is very informative.
Ken Stanley, CSIRO – April 2007

The way you explain stuff makes it easy for even me to understand, with my year 9 education. Not only are you the ordinary guy, you are the MAN.
Jamie Mellon – Australia May 2007

Love your show, I have learnt heaps from it, it’s a great break from radio while I drive.
Deon Powter – Queensland, Australia May 2007

Great show! I am a recent subscriber via the Caffination podcast, and I’ve listened to a few episodes. You’ve got a great format that is quite original and interesting. I’m definitely putting it at the top of the list.
Joe – June 2007

I really enjoy this show, a good listen when I’m out for a walk.
jakaluma – June 2007

I love the podcast, you talk about some really complex subjects but you do it in such a way that it dosent sound boring or too complex to understand. Thanks and keep up the great show.
Julia Meaden – Wales, UK – July 2007

You are doing good stuff! Keep it up!
John Lattanzio – Monash University July 2007

I just want to let you know what an awesome show you have. I found it on iTunes a few months ago and haven’t looked back since! Thank you.
Dan Jackson – Sydney, Australia August 2007

Brains Matter is a prime example of the appeal of podcasting. Here is a straightforawrd program, unfettered by hype, commercials or pandering to the lowest common denominator. Rather, Brains Matter unapologetically offers to feed the brain with interesting tidbits about the world in which we live. Even when addressing such difficult topics as astrophysics, the show is designed to educate and intrigue the layperson. That certainly describes me, as my background is in the liberal arts. I learn something new with every episode and every interview, and look forward to each one. Highly recommended.
KennySteven – USA – August 2007

I’ve been listening to Brains Matter for several months now and find it stimulating, interesting and educative. The host obviously has sound knowledge of science which allows him to interact with the guests to promote a lively and erudite discussion. I look forward to the download and sitting back and getting a good healthy dose of brain food. There is also a great variety of topics and guests each week. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is involved in science or is a pure novice like me. Everyone will get something worthwhile.
Apollo11 – Australia – August 2007

I do so enjoy this podcast, and have since the get-go, but the Pamela Gay episode was wonderful. This podcast really is the best that podcasting has to offer… just a curious guy with the desire to share his curiosity with the rest of us. And I really, really appreciate it. I hope more people can discover this (forgive my hyperbole) gem of a podcast.
Erin Z – Colorado, USA – November 2007

I cant recommend this podcast highly enough!
Chelseagirl19 – November 2007

One of those gems in podcasting, packed with content in a very short show. If you enjoy learning about cool, intelligent, and fun facts you NEED to tune in!
Derek Colanduno – Skepticality Podcast – USA – January 2008

This is such a lovely website. Easy to navigate, interesting subject matters and the mp3s are really a wonderful treat.
William – Melbourne, Australia – February 2008

An excellent listen. Really enjoy these eclectic science podcasts. I’ve learned a few things I was not aware of.
VPSCIN – Melbourne, Australia – February 2008

Great show. Gives my grey matter a good going over…
M. Bresciani – Australia – February 2008

What started as a fun, low key podcast full of interesting facts about our world, has grown into something even better. The personable host, who refers to himself as Just an Ordinary Guy, has been lining up interviews with prominent scientists and experts on various topics, and he gives them a chance to talk in a direct, accessible way about their work and their views. The result is always interesting, and always educational for other “ordinary” folks like me!
ksimon – USA – March 2008

I’ve been reading ‘New Scientist’ each week for decades for my weekly fix of science news. Your podcasts have become my e-equivalent. You are a GREAT interviewer!
Keith Game – Australia – April 2008

Brains Matter is a podcast about everything Science. This is one good podcast for the whole family as it covers wide range of science and technology topics, trivia, and even history. Each episode of Brains Matter features Science expert, scientist or well-known professors who share their ideas and knowledge about interesting topics such as galaxy formation, different types of pain, evolution, mathematical genius and mythological references within Star Trek.
Cool Podcasts website – May 2008

Excellent interviews – good podcast for those interested in science and the curious kind. Creator “Ordinary Guy” is able to get very able guests to answer his questions, he also responds to your emails promptly. The title is apt and is worth visiting the web site.
IndianRationalist – USA – June 2008

Your show is very nicely put together, very impressed.
Marc West – Host of the Mr Science Show – London, UK – July 2008

Brains Matter is presented by a wonderfully low key, knowledgeable interviewer. The guests are carefully chosen and a calibre which means every interview is worth listening to. My favourite podcast alongside
Pearl – New Zealand – September 2008

I found your podcast about two months ago and I can’t stop listening. I’ve now downloaded all your shows and I listen to them on the way to and from work and just about everytime I feel the need to escape into the reality that is Brains Matter. Good Work!
Adrian Lee – Canberra, Australia – November 2008

Awesome! This is one of the best podcasts that I have found. The range of topics and then the depth of understanding keeps my short attention span mind interested.
smleeadr – November 2008

I nearly didn’t listen to it – what a mistake that would have been. Fascinating.
davesharpe – November 2008

I really enjoyed the shows on elephants!
m-osbor – January 2009

I’ve been listening for a while now, and this has matured into a very informative investment of time. I highly recommend it for the diverse topics, the capable host, and for the joy of learning things in an entertaining way.
Disperser – USA – January 2009

The Ordinary Guy is not ordinary and either is this podcast! There is a great breadth of topics including interviews with such people as Seth Shostak from SETI, the show comes out regularly and if you are lucky you might get to be “listener of the day” – everything you need in a science podcast!
Westius – Sydney, Australia – February 2009

I work nights at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida in the United States. Im happy to have a job, but its quite boring. I spend most of the night listening to podcasts on various topics, and was truly pleased to find Brains Matter. I intend to listen to every single one. Thanks so much for bringing some entertainment,education, and “food for thought” to another ordinary guy far far away. Keep up the good work.
mmikulaninec – Orlando, Florida, USA – April 2009

A very smart guy interviews very smart people. Goes deep into science topics (recent episodes were two-part podcasts on binary star systems). Think of it as Science Friday, only much more in-depth.
Andy (abkaiser) – April 2009

I really like this podcast. It’s perfectly pitched at the interested layman, with great guests who sound really happy to share their work. OG seems filled with the wonder of science — just like me — and it shines through.
Science is the best way to filter the real stuff from the made-up-stuff. Science communication is vital in helping non-scientists appreciate the vast breadth and depth of what we think we know, what we don’t know and how we’re checking and exploring both.
Thanks, OG. Keep up the good work mate!
Dave the Happy Singer – Sydney, Australia – April 2009

Thanks for your great podcast OG. been a fan for about a year so keep up the good work.
Kurt Winkelmuller – April 2009

Hello Ordinary Guy, Your Brainsmatter podcast inspired my to go back to University to take up my dream of becoming a Nanotechnologist. Keep up the good work.
David Galea – Melbourne, Australia – May 2009

Really enjoy the show. Just found it a couple weeks back and I am getting caught up on the back episodes. The subjects are varied and I love the dialog. Keep up the good work !!!
Brad Jones – California, USA – May 2009

Want to say how wonderful it is to listen to the episodes with Dr Andrew Prentice.
Passionate & articulate and the way he gets worked up had me roaring with laughter many times. Not only could he get the information across it’s impossible not to get excited in what he does simply due to his infectious passion for the subject.
The most exciting episodes since finding out that Elephants are marine mammals.
Ian Kath – Brisbane, Australia – June 2009

A good aussie science podcast
Andrew Walsh – June 2009

Well done Ordinary Guy
fambooth – July 2009

One of the best podcast out there! Listen to the Ordinary Guy, he will take you out of the… well, you know what!
cebolaebrocolis – August 2009

Brains Matter is the only science podcast I listen to and it’s the best!
Dr Duncan Galloway – Monash University, Australia – August 2009

This program Brains Matter is really taking off – a bit like a Saturn V rocket!
Dr Andrew Prentice – Monash University – August 2009

In a day and age when common sense is being buried beneath magical thinking and science has lost its appeal, there are some people who continue the good fight for science and reason. Brains Matter is one of those podcasts and Ordinary Guy is one of those knights in armour.
Jason Hameister – Sydney – August 2009

I love your podcast. I’ve learned so much during the last year I’ve been listening to this.
Christopher Able – UK – August 2009

I really love your show – it is one of my favourite ones. Keep the beautiful work on.
Paulo Ricardo Savino – Brazil – August 2009

Programs like Brains Matter should be required listening in all of our schools
Darryl Carlton – Melbourne, Australia – August 2009

I love your podcast. I’ve been following a little less than a year and download almost every one of your podcasts.
Harold Goldner – Pennsylvania, USA – November 2009

I have been a big fan since learning of your podcast when you had your first 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. With all the science/astrophysics podcasts I listen to, I can’t believe I have missed one of the best and from my own home town. Keep up the great work!
Rhys Winter – Melbourne, Australia – November 2009

Brains Matter is one of those special shows that reflect how great research leads to excellent content. This podcast covers a wide range of science, technology and skepticism topics that are deftly showcased in interviews by its host “The Ordinary Guy”, who is anything but ‘ordinary’ with his enthusiasm. Very educational and one to keep subscribing to.
Kylie Sturgess – Perth, Australia – January 2010

Top quality – I find this show outstandingly entertaining well thought out and produced with a awesome variety of topics and ideas. Top work!
Dragonsyoung – February 2010

Science is full of jargon that sometimes requires a PhD to understand but in this podcast by an Ordinary Guy, the subjects are stripped to their essences by the experts that he interviews so the general public can understand and learn some of the fundamentals of science. The experts interviewed reveal their subjects with passion, making the listen easy and pleasurable. Along the way you can’t help but learn something interesting, enriching, and revealing.
Ian – Australia – February 2010

I find this show outstandingly entertaining well thought out and produced with a awesome variety of topics and ideas. Top work!
dragonsyoung – February 2010

I really like the variety you’re introducing, with debates and live shows interspersed with interviews. Brains Matter is better than ever.
Ken – USA – February 2010

This show and all its quotes fill my head with great thoughts!
joanneleo – April 2010

My favourite Aussie podcast
Christie Nicholson, Scientific American – New York, USA – July 2010

He’s worth 1000 nanobloggers
Steve Mirsky, Scientific American – USA – July 2010

A big thanks for being an inspiration and fantastic podcaster & blogger
Gabrielle Leggat – New Zealand – August 2010

You have a lot of good things to say on science education
Anthony David, Senate Candiate, Canberra, Australia – August 2010

Love the attention to science you’re bringing to the political campaigns in Oz. Keep it up!
Meghan Groome, New York Academy of Sciences, USA – August 2010

Hear hear, keep up the good work! International interest, good for you!
Heidi White – New South Wales, Australia – August 2010

May I say that what you have done with Brains Matter has been motivational towards my own podcasting experiences. You are a great role model. On the shoulder of giants I sit.
Ian Kath – Brisbane, Australia – October 2010

Brains Matter is a great podcast committed to promoting science with integrity, honesty and in a way that’s relatable. Congratulations on 5 years, Brains Matter!
Marita Cheng – Melbourne, Australia – September 2011