031 – Thermodynamics and Blade Runner

Short show today including a brief introduction to thermodynamics and the movie Blade Runner. Pin of the episode, and a promo of the CaffiNation podcast.

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4 Comments to “031 – Thermodynamics and Blade Runner”

  1. CaffiNation Paul Says:

    Great Show Ordinary Guy. Thanks for the reciprocal promo. And I loved the Evolution episode as well. Good stuff, I’m now a subscriber. See you next time

  2. Brains Matter Says:

    Hi Paul,

    No worries. I’ve subscribed to yours as well – we all need some fun and info in our lives!

    Take care,


  3. Joe Says:

    Great show! I am a recent subscriber via the Caffination podcast, and I’ve listened to a few episodes. You’ve got a great format that is quite original and interesting. I’m definitely putting it at the top of the list.

  4. Brains Matter Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Welcome! Thanks for your comment and your enthusiasm. I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast!



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