Science, Learning, and the fun we have in the process…

A bunch of people have asked me why I do a podcast. Some even ask why I do a science podcast. Paring that back a bit, it comes down to a couple of real questions.

1) Why science?
2) Why podcast?

To answer the first part – I’ve always loved science. Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper (figuratively speaking, of course!) I’d always been one of those folks who ask “why?” The great thing was that I was encouraged to ask why, and learn about the world around me.

I’d always been fond of learning and just knowing stuff – astronomy, maths/numbers, physics, chemistry, biology, nature, geology, geography… you name it, I wanted to know about it.

The answer to the second part comes to the fact that I get asked stuff a lot… aside from the fact that I get invited to a lot of trivia nights, I think if I can encourage people to ask about the world, have a critical and scientific understanding of life, the universe, and everything, then that can only lead to good things. I’ve had high school kids email me after listening to the show and mention that they’d always thought science was hard – but when it was explained to them in an easy-to-understand way, then they found that it was interesting and enjoyable.

And I think that’s part of the problem with some people in the science or technology field – they’re brilliantly smart people, but they talk in techie terms and so those topics seem inaccessible to the average person. The end result is that you get folks – take politicians for example – making decisions based on an extermely poor understanding of the real issues at hand. Climate change, energy policy, … the list is endless.

However, if we as a collective group of people can encourage others to be interested, enthusiastic, excited, and inspired by science, knowledge, and just about learning in general, then it will only help the world. Perhaps someone will be inspired to make better decisions. Or to find a new medication. Or to solve world hunger and bring peace (-:

I just hope I’m doing my little bit in that, even if it is only tiny. And I have a lot of fun doing it.


PS. In the true science nerd style, I know my grammar isn’t the best – I was better at science subjects at school and uni!

2 Comments to “Science, Learning, and the fun we have in the process…”

  1. Alan Says:

    Hey did youwatch catalyst tonight? That british show, “don’t die young”. They used your music!

    Just had to tell you!

  2. Ordinary Guy Says:

    Hi Alan,

    No, I didn’t see Catalyst tonight (must keep an eye out for when it’s repeated on ABC2!)

    The music is actually from the Aussie band Cut Copy (I’m assuming you’re talking about the theme music of the podcast) – so as long as the record label (Modular) were ok with it, it’s all fine. But I wonder if that implies that they heard the music on the podcast, liked it, and used it on Catalyst… hmmm!!!



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