Who is your favourite fictional scientist?

Hi all,

An upcoming episode of Brains Matter and the Mr Science Show will discuss fictional scientists. What we want from you is your suggestion (s) on who you think are worthy candidates for the list. From Dr Strangelove to the Professor from Gilligans Island – who do you think deserves a bit of recognition?

They could be from movies, print, or television shows.

Leave a note and share your two cents worth!


6 Comments to “Who is your favourite fictional scientist?”

  1. Michael Says:

    Although the character is a pre-science scientist, I reckon William of Baskerville’s a good one.

  2. KarakSindru Says:

    Heywood Floyd from Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series.

    Actually, no, changed my mind. Richard Wakefield from Clarke’s Rama series, co written with Gentry Lee

  3. KarakSindru Says:

    Does Montgomery Scott count? or Leonard “Bones” McCoy? Surely Spock counts… but what about Data? Geordi La Forge? Wesley Crusher?

  4. Kay Says:

    Definitely Conan Doyle’s Watson! Such a nifty methodologist.

  5. Steve Says:

    I support Heywood Floyd from 2001. After all Arthur C. did pass into the annuls of legendary sc-fi authors this year…vale Arthur.

  6. Frank Connolly Says:

    I kind of like Professor Challenger from the Arthur Conan Doyle books. “The Maracot deep” “The Lost World” “The Day the World Screamed.” A rebel and one at odds with the scientific establishment. (speaking of Conan Doyle, surely it was Holmes himself and not Watson that was the scientist of the pair … Watson was a MD, little else.)

    A couple more, of course Professor Carlson from “Get Smart” great gadgets and Professor John Robinson from “Lost in Space” not only a Professor, but hero as well.


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