080 – Professor Tim Flannery – Sustainability & Climate Part 2

Professor Tim Flannery is the author of the popular book “The Weather Makers” and is well known for his views on Climate Change. Professor Flannery was awarded Australian of the Year in 2007, and I attended a lecture he gave in September on Climate Change.

This is part 2 of a 2 part talk by Professor Flannery. Please listen to Part 1 in episode 79 first. Also included in this episode are questions presented to Prof. Flannery at the end of the lecture.

Thanks are due to Sarah Wall, Monash University 50th Anniversary Project Manager for permission to use the audio, courtesy of Monash University.

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4 Comments to “080 – Professor Tim Flannery – Sustainability & Climate Part 2”

  1. Ben Says:

    I usually enjoy your show, but I really don’t agree with the “Voodoo Science” about so-called climate change.

    The very fact the name of this theory has changed from “Global Warming” to simply, “Climate Change” (which covers every and any outcome) makes me suspicious. Are the naysayers worried the weight of evidence is growing against the theory previously known as “Global Warming”?

    Tim Flannery’s talk was very emotive and packed with all the usual cliches and scare mongering, and calls for more $FUNDING$, and sadly lacking in hard evidence.

    It was very disappointing nobody in the audience dared to put any critical questions to him.

    I’m not buying into the “climate” indu$try. Thanks.

  2. OG Says:


    A couple of things:

    1) Climate science is about as much “voodoo science” as medicine – with about the same amount of accuracy – not necessarily because it’s suspect, but because of the number of variables and complexity of the systems. As with medicine, understanding improves over time, and there are far too many things to consider to be 100% accurate with the limited amount of supercomputing power we have now – but for political reasons (usually economic ones by political fundamentalists), climate science is demonised more than medical science. It reminds me of the kerfuffle in the US about evolution vs intelligent design, actually.

    2) The name change from “global warming” to “climate change” is intentional, as most people who do not understand the concept make silly statements like “oh, look, it’s raining more – or it’s colder this winter than last – there must be something wrong with the idea of global warming” (even though it’s a byproduct, as outlined in a previous episode) – climate change is actually a more accurate moniker. So it has nothing to do with the amount of ‘evidence against it’ (which is actually very little – and most of it which is brought up is either not by climate experts (but scientists from some other area), or are disproved.

    For more info, and answers to some of the points you brought up, refer to the episode in which I interview Nobel Laureate Professor David Karoly, or a follow up episode where Professor Karoly answers some further listener questions on the topic.

    As for the comment on emotive language – yes, you’re spot on there. But keep in mind, this was a public lecture by Tim Flannery, and he had a driver for the talk (which actually was public funding of science), so that ought to be kept in mind – it wasn’t a straight interview about “climate change”.

    Thanks for the comment and feedback though – even if you don’t agree with what Professor Flannery or Professor Karoly say, I encourage you to question, think critically, and read up as much as you can about it. If we all agreed on everything, science would not move forward! (-:


  3. OG Says:

    Here’s a great explanation of the furphy around climate change deniers on Dr Karl’s site:


    And whether you believe it or not, here’s a great video on risk management around energy strategy, which has the same aims as those warning us about climate change:


    and new version:


  4. Shawno Says:

    Wait. My high blood pressure is causing global warming? I better go and take my pills!


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