097 – Dr Rosemary Mardling – Extra solar planets

I talk to Dr Rosemary Mardling, an astrophysicist from Monash University on the topic of extra-solar planets. Topics we cover include:

– What is an extra solar planet?
– How do we find extra solar planets?
– How do we estimate the size and form of these extra solar planets?
– How do we explain the “Hot Jupiter” style planets that have been found?
– Most extra solar planets that have been found are short period – why is this the case?
– Is our solar system “normal”, or unusual?
– How do we determine if a system has more than one extra solar planet?
– What could finding extra solar planets mean for us here in our solar system?

Also included in this show are the listener of the episode, and listener feedback.

Apologies for the audio quality of this interview – it’s been cleaned up as much as possible.

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