099 – Skepticism 101 – The Australian Skeptics

We’ve all heard of the word sceptic / skeptic. It is used in many contexts – and there is a worldwide movement of people who identify themselves as “skeptics”. What does that entail? Who is a skeptic? What’s the difference, if any, between being a sceptic and being a skeptic? How does one become a skeptic, and how is it useful?

I visited a talk presented by the Australian Skeptics and after it had finished, I talked to Dr Rachael Dunlop, Dave the Happy Singer, and Richard Saunders – all well known within the Australian Skeptics movement.

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3 Comments to “099 – Skepticism 101 – The Australian Skeptics”

  1. catherineLd Says:

    Enjoyed your interviews at the YAS event. i was there and was leaving when you were recording with Dave… woops! Nearly butted in to say goodbye 😉 Congrats and keep up the good work! PS i did the catering – you may have enjoyed my sarnies 😉

  2. Paulo Savino Says:

    Skeptic is a not commom word here in Brazil, we use as part of the sentece, of course, but we didn´t use it as a defenition of a philosophy.
    But now I am using it, thanks to you guys, to describe myself when asked about my “beliefs”.

    I used often atheist, but skeptic is much more precise, since I can´t prove the inexistance of any god.

    Thanks to you, British/American, I can define myself with accuracy! 🙂

  3. Shawnogram » Got brains(matter)? Says:

    […] proud to say that I was chosen as the Listener of the Episode for show #99 of the Brains Matter podcast. This us a great honor, because you have to be really, really smart to […]


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