101 – Dr Paul Francis – Comets, Pink Black Holes & Teaching Astronomy

In this episode, I talk to Dr Paul Francis from the Australian National University in Canberra on the topic of comets.

– What are comets?
– Where do they come from?
– How big are comets in general?
– What are they made of?
– How big can comets be?
– What would happen to Pluto if it came in closer to the sun?
– How likely are we to be hit by a comet?

We also talk about pink black holes – what ARE pink black holes? I also talk to Dr Francis about some of his novel ways of teaching critical thinking and scepticism / scientific thinking to his students through some unexpected methods. Listen in to find out how!

Featured in today’s episode are the listener of the episode, and feedback

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3 Comments to “101 – Dr Paul Francis – Comets, Pink Black Holes & Teaching Astronomy”

  1. SCIENCEPODCASTERS.ORG » Brains Matter Episode 101 – Dr Paul Francis – Comets Says:

    […] Listen in and find out more. […]

  2. Paulo Ricardo Savino Says:

    Finally a new podcast!!!

    I am glad you´re back OG!!!

  3. Shawno Says:

    ZOMG! Quasars.


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