Fourth 365 Days of Astronomy appearance

The 22/9/2009 episode of 365 Days of Astronomy was the fourth contribution by Brains Matter to the IYA podcast effort.

In this particular episode, I talk about Ruby Payne Scott, an Australian physicist, who was the world’s first female radio astronomer.

Listen to the audio here

3 Comments to “Fourth 365 Days of Astronomy appearance”

  1. Paulo Ricardo Savino Says:

    The only problem with the 365DoA is that is too short! 🙁

    By the way, OG, could you make an interview with someone that are expert in Europa? I´d love to hear something about there.
    Nowadays the only moon that ppl are talking about is Titan and Enceladus! (I am not complaining, but lets give Europa more atention!)

  2. OG Says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I’ll put that on my list – to talk to someone about Europa.



  3. Paulo Ricardo Savino Says:

    Thanks for the reply OG, I will wait anxiousl for this one.


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