113 – Maria Maltseva – The Discovery Institute

Maria is an editor, writer and attorney from Washington State in the US, and is well known in the Skeptics community in the US. She spoke to me about the Discovery Institute and the agenda they are trying to push in science classes in the USA.

– What IS the Discovery Institute?
– What are they attempting to do?
– Why are they trying to confuse science with religion?
– What is the difference between Creationism and “Intelligent Design”?
– How influential are they in the US?
– What is the Wedge Document? What are the goals according to this document?
– The dichotomy of people who hold both religious and scientific beliefs
– What is the geographic scope (at this point) of The Discovery Institute?
– The “Expelled” so-called documentary

And there are some out takes as well!

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One Comment to “113 – Maria Maltseva – The Discovery Institute”

  1. Neil B Says:

    I’m a Facebook Friend of Maria’s (like all the cool people there are 😉 and so would be interested in any of her serious activities (much as I love her mostly stream-of-consciousness, poetic musings on FB.) Need to run fsck on my failing Linux disk right now so will get back to her about specifics. tx


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