117 – Dr Michael Brown – Galaxy Evolution and Active Galactic Nuclei

I speak to Dr Michael Brown, from the School of Physics at Monash University. Michael talked to me about the formation of galaxies, and specifically, research into Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)

– What is the definition of a galaxy?
– What makes up a galaxy?
– What are some examples of galaxies we can see with binoculars and telescopes?
– What is the difference between a galaxy, a cloud of gas and a globular cluster?
– What are the structures of galaxies?
– What do we know about how these different types of galaxies form?
– How do galaxies grow over time?
– Do we know where the central black holes in galaxies come from?
– What is an Active Galactic Nucleus?
– Are there different types of AGNs?
– How are quasars formed?
– Why do some galaxies have AGNs and some do not?
– Are AGN’s the mechanism that causes the formation of stars in galaxies?

Today’s listener of the episode is Robin Ford from Sydney, Australia.

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