From Slime to Dinosaurs – Brains Matter Science Week Live Show!

The Brains Matter Podcast and the Monash Science Centre have joined forces to bring to the public a special National Science Week event on Sunday the 15th of August.

PhD student Corin Storkey will give a presentation on the Chocolate, brazil nuts, antioxidants and the fight against free radicals – you may know Corin from television’s “Beauty and the Geek Australia”.

Clive Weeks will be providing live music for a great atmosphere

Internationally renowned palaeontologist Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich will then be interviewed by the OG from Brains Matter. Join the live audience to ask questions, win prizes and enjoy a wonderful and lively discussion.

This exciting event is followed by “Lunch with the Palaeontologists” in which you will have to opportunity to informally discuss palaeo research, dig sites, field trips and more.

11:00 am Centre Opens. Screening of Monash University Science Communication Documentaries.
11.30 am Corin Storkey – Chocolate, brazil nuts, antioxidants and the fight against free radicals
12:00 pm Podcast Interview with Patricia Vickers-Rich
1:00 pm Lunch with the Palaeontologists
3:00 pm Centre closes.

Throughout the day visitors will be able to explore the exhibitions and children will be able to participate in hands-on activities.

Bookings for The Lunch are essential and will cost between 12 and 14 dollars per head. View the menu.

The event will be held in the main hall at Monash Science Centre, Building 74, Normanby Rd, Monash University, Clayton Campus, VIC 3800.

Contact (03) 9905 1370 via phone, or email, or respond via the facebook event.

If you can’t be there on the day – never fear! The event will be streamed live! as well as available as a podcast after the event.

Live Streaming Link

Event poster to put up around your school, university, or workplace can be found here

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