121 – From Slime to Dinosaurs – National Science Week Live Show

Today’s episode is the audio of the Brains Matter & Monash Science Centre’s National Science Week live show, held on 15/8/2010. The topic was “From Slime to Dinosaurs”, and I interviewed renown palaeontologst, Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich on:

– How long the earth has been around
– What are the geological processes occurring, and that have occurred in the past?
– How long ago did life arise on Earth?
– A discussion on early life
– When did dinosaurs first appear?
– How can we tell what creatures looked like just from their bones?
– Where are dinosaur fossils generally found?
– A discussion on Australian dinosaurs

And of course, questions from the enthusiastic audience members, and some really amazing kids!

Thank you to Cengage Learning for the grand prize, and everyone involved on the day.

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