126 – Prof Missaka Wijayagunawardane – The Sri Lankan Asian Elephant

In this episode, I talk to Professor Missaka Wijayagunawardane from the Department of Animal Science at the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. Professor Wijayagunawardane is a Professor in Animal Science and is an elephants reproduction specialist. Topics we discussed included:

– What is the situation of elephants in Sri Lanka?
– What is the historical reason for this current situation?
– The causes of human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka
– What are the impacts of this human-elephant conflict?
– Reasons for loss of elephant habitat, such as chena cultivation
– What work is being done to mitigate human-elephant conflict?
– Some of the work that is being done between the University of Melbourne and the University of Peredinia
– The collaborative work done on elephant vocalisations
– The role being played by the Never Forget Elephants charity
– The difference between the Sri Lankan elephant and other Asian elephants
– Techniques used to increase the success of captive elephant births
– The work being done with mahouts

Today’s listener of the episode is Jack Scanlan from the Melbourne, Australia.

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