130 – Ian Woolf – Science Communication Pt 4

In our continuing series on Science Communication, I talk to Sydney science journalist, Ian Woolf. Topics we discuss include:

– How Ian got into science communication
– How well is science communicated in Australia?
– Where does most of the communication come from in this country?
– The government’s lack of valuing of education
– Why is science communication important for public dialogue?
– What is being done particularly well in Australia?
– What science shows are being shown on television?
– The origins of Mythbusters
– OG proposes the idea of ABC4 – the science channel!
– Where can you find science on the internet?
– What is the delineation between science communicators and scientists who communicate?
– How does “authority” affect people’s perception of the communication of science?
– What needs to be done to help communicate science to the public?

Today’s listener of the episode is Jindrich Dusek, from Gothenburg in Sweden
Today’s promo is for Here’s Why

Included in the show are some out-takes as well!

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