137 – Prof Lawrence Krauss – Dinner with a Physicist

Professor Lawrence Krauss is the author of “The Physics of Star Trek”, a professor of physics, the Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the Director of the Origins Project at the Arizona State University. I was privileged enough to have a chat with him about physics and science in general, over dinner.

We talked about:

– What inspired him to do physics?
– The inspiration of using science fiction to communication science
– How realistic are some of the science examples used in Star Trek?
– Is teleportation possible?
– Technological predictions from science fiction
– String theory
– General relativity
– How science evolves and progresses
– His prediction on the energy of empty space
– The positioning of religion and its influence on science, especially in the US
– The ability of science to bring people together
– Current world issues that rely on an understanding of science
– His work with advising government policy for Barack Obama
– The problem of a drop in science funding worldwide
– How much of an impact does science have on the GDP?
– Recommendations on what to do if you enjoy science
– Science communicators

Today’s listener of the episode is Rhys Winter from Australia.

“The stars will still shine with the colours they do, regardless of who tried to explain it” – Prof Lawrence Krauss, speaking to OG in this episode

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