145 – Dr Rosemary Mardling – The Three Body Problem

In today’s episode, I speak to Dr Rosemary Mardling from Monash University on the 3-body problem and the n-body problem.

– What is the 3-body problem? How does it relate to astronomy?
– How was it worked out in the early days?
– What was Newton’s approach to the problem?
– How does the 3-body problem differ from the 2-body problem?
– In our solar system, what effects does the 3 or n body scenario provide?
– Henri Poincare and his attempt at the problem
– The relationship between the n-body problem and chaos
– The n-body problem and how it relates to the formation of the solar system and collisions in during the formation process
– Do changes in masses change the behaviour of a 3-body system?
– Is Tattooine a reality?

Today’s listener of the episode is Richard Ogley from Victoria, Australia

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