Here’s a promo for the Brains Matter podcast. Feel free to spread the word on the podcast, and the learning of science in general.

Brains Matter promo

If you are a podcaster and would like to do a promo swap, please drop me a line.

Shows that have featured the promo:

The CaffiNation Podcast – Ep 141 (At about 8 minutes 31)
Pageant Cast – Ep 077 (At 8 minutes 37)
Radio Free Philosophy – Ep 026 (At 13 minutes 55)

Shows that have talked about Brains Matter

Erk Pod – Ep 71 (at about 32 minutes 45 seconds)
Erk Pod Mini – Ep 10 (at about 4 minutes 1 second)
Wasting Time Podcast – Ep 42 (At 55 minutes 25)

Shows that have interviewed The Ordinary Guy

Erk Pod – Ep 72


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