077 – Prof Roger Short – Saving Asian Elephants 1

In this episode, which is the first of a 2 part interview, I talk once again with Professor Roger Short, from the University of Melbourne on further topics regarding Asian elephants, and on saving them.

– What are elephants used for?
– How many elephants have been released back into the wild from zoo breeding?
– What’s been doing to help prevent ivory trade?
– What is being done to help elephants breed?
– Where does the term ‘white elephant’ come from?
– The intelligence of elephants
– Elephant communication
– Vocalisations of African elephants vs Asian elephants
– Asian elephant vocabulary
– The playback of Helena Harrington’s elephant sounds to elephants in both Australia and the UK
– The friendliness of Asian Elephants

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  1. SCIENCEPODCASTERS.ORG » Brains Matter Episode 77 - Saving Asian Elephants Part 1 Says:

    […] Listen in to this episode to hear the first part of the discussion with Professor Short. […]


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