078 – Prof Roger Short – Saving Asian Elephants 2 (ft Dr Roger Rassool)

In this episode, which is the final of a 2 part interview, I talk once again with Professor Roger Short, from the University of Melbourne on further topics regarding Asian elephants, and on saving them.

– elephant accents
– what happens when you play Asian elephant vocalisations to captive African elephants? Some surprising results!
– Potelemic time African elephants versus Asian elephants in Gaza (circa 100 BC)
– Infrasound communication, and how this may relate to their aquatic ancestry
– The distance of infrasound communication
– Gestation of elephants
– Elephant mating
– How do elephants produce infrasound?
– Do elephants and whales understand each other?
– The relationship between whale and elephant communications
– Elephant mahoots and what they were able to train elephants to do
– How many words can elephants understand?
– The intelligence of elephants in comparison to primates
– Prof Short’s circus experiences
– The knowledge of mahoots
– How can we communicate with elephants, and help save them?

Also featured on today’s episode is a discussion on elephants from Dr Roger Rassool from the University of Melbourne, from an Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science presentation which I attended.
– Dr Roger Rassool showing elephant behaviour with different elephant sounds from an ANZAAS presentation
– How do we know elephants are communicating?
– The experiment on getting the Melbourne elephants talking to the Perth elephants
– How was the recording done?
– The actual elephant sounds!

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