104 – Dr Kristen Panfilio – Hox Genes and Evolutionary Developmental Genetics

In todays episode, I talk to Dr Kristen Panfilio is a Developmental Geneticist from the University of Cologne, in Germany. We talk about Evolutionary Developmental Genetics, or Evo Devo as it is sometimes known. Topics we cover include:

– What is evolutionary developmental genetics?
– Why is it useful?
– How do genes help us understand evolution?
– What is a Hox gene?
– What are the different types of Hox genes?
– What do they do?
– What has been observed with Hox genes in research on insects?
– The Zen gene
– How the RNA interference technique is used
– An example of the technique can plants and animals use to get rid of viruses
– How do these genes affect the development of embryos?
– Where is the foundation or blueprint of the body made?
– What are some of the causes of embryos not developing properly?

… and a whole lot more! Listen in to find out.

Also featured in episode 104 are listener feedback, and a listener question answered by Monash University postdoc Dr Richard Stancliffe. The listeners of the episode are Ed from Melbourne and Sarah from the US.

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Some further links:

Hox Genes: Descent with modification
Oncopeltus fasciatus zen is essential for serosal tissue function in katatrepsis
Extraembryonic development in insects and the acrobatics of blastokinesis

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One Comment to “104 – Dr Kristen Panfilio – Hox Genes and Evolutionary Developmental Genetics”

  1. Shawn Says:

    My favorite episode of this year is episode 99. Obvs.


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