105 – Prof Bryan Gaensler – Magnetism in the Universe

In this episode, I speak to Professor Bryan Gaensler from the University of Sydney on the topic of Magnetism in the Universe, which was only discovered in the 20th century.

– What is a magnet?
– What objects in the universe are magnetic?
– How are magnets detected in space?
– How do we detect magnetic fields, despite the fact they are invisible?
– What is the relationship between magnetism and the formation of galaxies?
– How is magnetism related to the existance of life?
– Could we exist without magnetism?
– What does this mean for space exploration?
– Magnetism and Faraday Rotation
– The relationships between magnetism and sun spots

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2 Comments to “105 – Prof Bryan Gaensler – Magnetism in the Universe”

  1. SCIENCEPODCASTERS.ORG » Brains Matter Episode 105 – Magnetism in the Universe Says:

    […] Listen in and find out more. […]

  2. Shawn Says:

    I’m gonna launch my fridge into space to see what sticks to it.


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