107 – Dr Yin Paradies – The Effects of Racism

In this episode I speak to Dr Yin Paradies, who is a senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne. Yin’s research focuses on the health, social and economic effects of racism as well as anti-racism theory, policy and practice.

In this interview, some of the topics we talk about include:

– What are some of the effects of racism?
– How does racism affect health outcomes?
– What are the variations that have been found in racism in Australia and overseas?
– Some examples of racism
– The relationship between racism and self-destructive behaviour
– How does racism in Australia compare to the rest of the world?
– How has research into racism informed or changed public policy?
– We also discuss some of the work that Dr Paradies has done in building a framework to tackle racism
– Racism in the media
– How do we educate people and promote harmony?
– Where does racism come from?
– What IS race?

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Challenging Racism: The Anti-Racism Research Project at UWS

Building on our strengths – the anti-racism framework that Dr Paradies mentioned in the interview.

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