108 – Is Intelligent Life Common in the Universe?

A question that everyone asks at some point is – are we alone? We’ve all heard about the Drake Equation, and have had chats about our place in the universe with friends.

In this episode, Dr Allie Ford hosts a debate between Professor John Lattanzio and Ms Marion Anderson from Monash University on the topic “Intelligent Life is Common in the Universe”. Ms Anderson argues for the positive, and Professor Lattanzio argues for the negative.

They both argue the topic using the latest information and theories about astronomy and the possibility of life existing in the Universe. In recent years we have found hundreds of planets outside the solar system. Surely intelligent life must exist somewhere. But why have radio searches revealed nothing yet?

Download MP3 of Ep 108

The presentations used during this debate:

Marion’s presentation for the positive argument
Prof Lattanzio’s presentation for the negative argument

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