111 – Evan Bittner – Asian Elephant Conservation Part 2

In this episode, I continue my talk with Evan Bittner from the University of Melbourne in Brains Matter’s continuing series on Asian Elephants. If you missed Episode 110, please go back and listen to that episode first. In this interview, Evan discusses:

– What can we do to reduce the impact on the ability to conserve the elephant?
– Making a difference
– What work is being done in artificial insemination techniques for elephants?
– What are the advantages of using artificial insemination for elephant populations?
– What are the transportation costs of an elephant?
– The differences in spending the same amount of money in different geographic locations – and how this impacts conservation efforts.
– How do the experts ensure the success of artificial insemination?
– Why does it seem to be more difficult to get elephants to mate in captivity compared to the wild?
– Can captive elephants be successfully re-introduced to the wild?
– Understanding herds in captivity and how they differ to herds in the wild
– Future research

We also demonstrate some of the various elephant vocalisations that have been discussed over the past two shows.

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2 Comments to “111 – Evan Bittner – Asian Elephant Conservation Part 2”

  1. Ariel Says:

    the episode can’t be download

  2. OG Says:


    Try again – seems to work fine for me, and checking the stats, it appears that others are able to as well.



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