110 – Evan Bittner – Asian Elephant Conservation Part 1

In this episode, I talk to Evan Bittner from the University of Melbourne in Brains Matter’s continuing series on Asian Elephants. Evan discusses:

– Elephants and infrasound communications
– Determining how to measure elephant reactions to elephant vocalisations
– What are the meanings of some of the elephant behaviours we observe?
– The follow up experiment to Roger Short’s observation on Asian elephant vocalisations being played to African elephants – this time, African elephant vocalisations played to Asian elephants
– What further research can be done in this area?
– Do elephants really have a good memory?
– How do elephants recognise each other through sound?
– How far can elephants typically communicate?
– What is being done in elephant conservation work?
– What are some of the reasons causing the drop in elephant numbers? Why are they becoming endangered?
– Some of the work Evan has done in Laos
– The new elephant conservation charity, “Never Forget Elephants” that has been set up, and what it aims to do
– Some techniques to ensure that rainforests are conserved

Also in this episode are the Listener of the Episode, listener questions (Mark Wilson), and some listener feedback.

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