122 – Science and Education Policy and Election Reactions – Karl Kruszelnicki, Bec Crew, and Anthony David

Out of frustration on not hearing enough about science and education in the 2010 Australian Election Campaign, I put together an open letter to every political party with questions that they should have all considered as part of formulating their education and science policies for the future.

I received several responses – including from the Australian Democrats, The Australian Greens, Secular Party, Australian Sex Party, Citizens Electoral Council (Doug Mitchell), Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.

In this episode, firstly, I interview Karl Kruzselnicki about his views on the importance of science in Australia, and how this should influence science and education policy in the election, and then I walk through the responses I received from the political parties, with Big Blog Theory winner for the Blogging Category, Bec Crew, providing her reactions to the answers. Anthony David, from the Australian Democrats, was also good enough to take time out from the election campaign to speak to me.

For the full text of the open letter and list of questions please go to the original post listed above.

Have a listen to the responses, and vote responsibly.

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Links mentioned in this post include:


Democrats Election Action Plan


ALP innovation policy

ALP science policy

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