123 – Mei Liu – Amazing Bodies Exhibition

The Amazing Bodies Exhibition is an exhibition that showcases bodies of all shapes and sizes – from reptiles, to land mammals, to whales, and even humans.

The exhibition premiered in Melbourne, and will tour Australia and New Zealand. One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibit is the use of the plastination technique to create the exhibition pieces. Listen in to the podcast to find out how plastination works. It was a technique invented in 1977 by Gunther von Hagens, and is a very laborious and complex process.

The skeleton of a baby giraffe

Amazing Bodies is a fusion of art and science – the bodies are placed in such a manner that it shows you the biology of the systems in question, and at the same time, their positioning is reminiscent of modern art.

The comparison between a cat brain and a dog brain

A cutaway view of a horse, showing the internal organs. The digestive system of the horse is such that it is unable to belch, so a buildup of gas can be quite dangerous, and colic can be a problem.

The circulatory system of the body, as mentioned in the podcast, using the casting method

And of course…

The bucking horse, which took 16 months to create

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