131 – Steve Mirsky – (1/2) – Science Communication Pt 5

In Brains Matter’s continuing series on science communication, I talk to Steve Mirsky, a journalist and author, editor at Scientific American, and podcast host about various aspects of science communication and the perception of science in the public. Topics we discuss include:

– Steve’s background
– The changing view of science by the public
– Stereotypes of scientists
– The modern take in television and movies of a scientist
– Gilligans Island
– Sports v Science
– Perceptions of the Nobel Prize
– Various strategies to get people interested in science
– The IgNobel Prizes
– The differences in science being communicated in print and through new media
– Some fun science stories
– How do we get children more interested in science at a younger age?
– What is a science story?
– The false objectivity of non-science media when they report on science stories
– A discussion on climate change as an example
– The reliance people have on science and engineering
– The funding of science compared to other areas due to a lack of political will and public apathy
– Some great science communicators

Today’s listener of the episode is Joshua Weisskopf.

This is part 1 of an interview with Steve – keep an eye out for part 2 in the next episode.
(Keep an ear out for an out-take from this episode!)

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