132 – Steve Mirsky – (2/2) – Science Communication Pt 6

In Brains Matter’s continuing series on science communication, I continue my talk with Steve Mirsky, a journalist and author, editor at Scientific American, and podcast host about various aspects of science communication and the perception of science in the public.

This is part 2 of the discussion. If you haven’t listened to part 1, please go back and listen to episode 131.

Topics we discuss include:

– the impact of science communication
– where podcast listeners are located
– the increased number of science communicators
– where science communication has inspired people
– why do kids lose interest in science within schools?
– how do we influence kids to have a positive view of science?
– how does opportunity and influence affect this?
– the wonder of libraries
– Steve’s path into science
– OG’s path into science
– The impact of good teachers on interest in science
– The relationship between art and science
– How some sciences can lead into other types of science interests

Today’s listener of the episode is Bruce Wallace from Australia.

(Keep an ear out for an out-take from this episode!)

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