149 – Kellie Caught – The Say Yes Campaign

In this episode, I talk to Kellie Caught, Head of Climate Change for WWF Australia, about the Say Yes Campaign. Topics discussed include:

– Kellie’s background
– The background of the carbon price in Australia and worldwide
– Kyoto
– How long has the EU had Emissions Trading Schemes?
– What is the ‘say yes’ campaign?
– Who is involved?
– The community response to the carbon price
– Where is the money for the carbon price going?
– What is the reality of job losses?
– Job growth from the Minerals Council research
– What about other countries?
– Energy producers moving to new cleaner energy technologies
– The loss of Australia’s research leadership overseas
– The current worldwide research position of Australia for renewable energy
– How to help with Say Yes

Today’s listener of the episode is Julia Cooper from Wales.

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