148 – Michael Roache – Australian Macropod Action Plan

In this episode, I speak to Michael Roache, the Program Manager for Threatened Species at the World Wildlife Fund – Australia. He spoke to me about:

– Michael’s background
– National Threatened Species Day
– How many threatened species do we have in Australia?
– What are macropods?
– The relationship between threatened species and the ecosystem
– Examples of successful action on threatened species
– What kind of macropods are more susceptible in Australia?
– The categories of being endangered
– The Ten Year Action Plan for Australian Macropods
– Why it was written
– Systematic approaches to recover threatened species
– How long do such efforts take?
– What is the financial cost of recoveries?
– How does this compare to other spending by governments?
– What are the flow on effects of threatened species?
– The goals of the action plan

The Action Plan can be viewed online here: http://www.wwf.org.au/news_resources/resource_library/?2940/The-action-plan-for-threatened-Australian-macropods-2011-2021

Today’s listener of the episode is Kathryn Aldridge from the US.

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