152 – Dr Corin Storkey – Sugar to Mend a Broken Heart

In today’s episode, I talk to Brains Matter regular, Dr Corin Storkey, from the Heart Research Centre in Sydney. He talks to us about new research into a type of sugar that could prevent heart disease!

We talk about:

– the patent that has been filed on a new sugar based compound
– how the sugar helps fight heart disease
– are these the types of sugar we normally eat?
– a description of Atherosclerosis
– how oxidation helps with this type of heart disease
– how does this affect fat?
– some of the effects of Atherosclerosis
– the work Corin has been doing
– is this work recovery or treatment?
– the enzyme that helps clean out your system
– what household product this is similar to
– why is your snot green?
– the element selenium, and how it relates to Corin’s research
– some of the attributes of selenium
– stereo chemistry
– some thoughts on how will this compound be distributed
– some commentary on the amounts and types of fat from different cultures, how the relation to heart disease changes based on diet
– and an out-take at the end!

Today’s listener of the episode is Matthew Lane from Colorado in the US.

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