153 – Dr Duncan Galloway – Neutron Star Binaries

In today’s episode, I talk to Dr Duncan Galloway, ARC Future Fellow at Monash University. His interest is in Neutron Star Binaries and I talked to him about this:

– Duncan’s background
– What is a neutron star?
– How big is a neutron star?
– How does a neutron star stay together?
– The formation of neutron stars
– What happens in a binary system where one is a neutron star?
– Is it possible to have twin neutron binaries?
– What is the difference between a pulsar and a neutron star?
– How fast do these systems spin?
– What causes ‘hot spots’ on a neutron star?
– How dense is a neutron star?
– Are neutron stars really made from neutrons?
– How do we make measurements from neutron stars?

Today’s listener of the episode is Lisa Clague from France.

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